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Master Degree in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability  

being activated in the academic year 20/21

Environmental change plays a central role in modern societies, to the point that a sustainable management of the environment currently represents one of the most important open challenges for humanity. Addressing this challenge requires a multidisciplinary approach that overcomes the usual boundaries of scientific disciplines.
In this context, the Master program in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability (ECGS) provides advanced expertise in the hard- and life-science components of environmental studies as well as in their economic- and social-science components. The general goal is to train students to tackle environmental change and sustainability in a multidisciplinary perspective. Students will therefore be provided with both a solid knowledge of the dynamics of the different components of the environment and a deep understanding of the tools required to promote its sustainable management and protection.
The Master degree in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability represents a novelty in the Italian university system, not only for its marked multidisciplinary approach, but also for being taught entirely in English.

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